Minggu, 06 Juni 2010

Radio Frequencies - What is it and Why Are They Important?

Radio spectrum is a natural resource and limited. Radio waves are a means of information from one location to another without the use of media. One of the most important properties of waves is their wavelength or frequency. Radio frequency determines the position in the radio spectrum and thus all the properties of radio propagation and potential use.

Because radio waves travel across national borders and can interfere with radio waves there are many other rules, the frequency plans and procedures that define how to use radio frequencies to avoid interference. Since different frequencies have different characteristics, there are harmonized frequency bands that define general the main purpose of the band and the basic design parameters of the channel at these frequencies. The missions that must be recognized internationally and that the ground rules for spectrum use. Each mission is then refined to specific countries can agree on how to use certain frequencies.

One of the most popular services using radio frequencies is terrestrial or satellite broadcasting. Radio and television are a way well known and well-established image and sound to send radio waves. Because we really want broad coverage areas with few stations we broadcast with high power transmitters on tall plants. Major areas of coverage include also reports on the border.

It is a very important fact because in the same region there is only a transmitter, which may at a given frequency without interference going on. Of course, there are special situations such as broadcasting, and Single Frequency Networks, where operating near the transmitters on the same frequency without interference, but the spectrum from analogue Careful planning is essential.

For radio frequency bands, there are many specific regional agreements to define very precisely defined frequencies allocated to each country to use the procedures for amending the plan and also many rules that must be followed to avoid interference.

If we want a radio in particular, we need to hear and know the frequency with which these radio broadcasts. A spectrum is like an address where each house has its own number. For television, the same thing. However, for practical reasons we do not usually with frequency, but we work directly use channels channels, where each number represents a frequency (center), with a certain bandwidth of the channel.

In general, most consumers are not consciously control all the technical details that the frequency of use and can be used for many wireless services. You do not expect good music, movies and cell phones that work everywhere quality.

A very practical use of radio spectrum is increased by credit card or outdoors in remote locations. Until recently, suppliers, printer or delivery catering service manual was by credit card or wait for their return to the office, give to the sale. Using the latest card reader Wireless credit, it is possible to process credit cards in real time anywhere.